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How personal training will help you

Personal Training & Coaching

Need assistance, a push, don’t know where to start in the gym?

The club trainers are there for you. Get the most from your training and perform a 10-15min warm up on the cardio equipment to prepare for the session to come, then you are ready to do a workout that has been tailor designed exclusively for your goals. Be monitored in your progress so your trainer know when to push you most. Your personal trainer is there with you for every Rep, crunch and session –There are different trainers to suit you best, whether you enjoy to be coached along, boot camp style or more support. There is a trainer to suit your personality and training type.

  • Personalised workouts designed to meet your goals
  • Strong and sustainable results
  • Expert advice on technique and form
  • Motivation to keep you accountable and committed

Your trainer is there to build up confidence and try new things

Our one-on-one PT sessions are 30 minutes, with a strength training focus that will offer an all-over workout.

Your personal trainer will get to know you and develop a program specific to your health, fitness and goals. There is more to fitness than weights and cardio, so our trainers will also make recommendations on our range of aquatic, Pilates, cardio sessions to suit you in our group fitness classes to maximise your membership.

We all want to see training results, so your personal trainer will continuously update your fitness plan to reflect new personal bests, new challenges and new goals, to keep you on your toes. Our personal trainers are qualified, certified, experienced and familiar with the latest in health and fitness.

Personal Training sessions can be purchased in-club. Want a little more info? Fill in the enquires link here to have us recommend a trainer for you.


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Success Stories

Abhishek (Ahbi) Ashokkumar heaviest he weighed in at 115kg Proceeded with dramatic weight loss of 47kg and went down to 68kg! Started weight training on his own but then started muscle gain training with Tils & in 2 months Ahbi has gained 27cm of pure muscle.
I joined the gym to change my eating hablits and I needed to change my lifestyle, Reflecting back I have become so much stronger, I felt so tierd the first week and my body was struggling. I have gained confidence, my self esteem & my body feels so different. I have regular trainer check ups, programs, & swap up my training including early morning classes to push myself. I use to not care about myself, now I I feel I can
First Marko quit smoking. Then he joined the gym 9 months later. "Once I started training the cravings for smokes & alcohol disappeared". Marko tried different programs and found success in Personal Training. After achieving weight loss, Marko then worked on gaining 4kg of muscle mass, which took 7 months.
Mike Sendler

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