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1. How does the debit system work?

When you join the gym as a debit member, every fortnight we send a report to the debtor, Westpac and then they send the report to your bank asking for funds, your membership debt. Your bank tells Westpac if the debit clears or not, then Westpac tells us, Freeway Sports. This report takes up to 3 business days and may take 4 business days to appear on your bank statement.

2. My membership failed, why and what is this failed fee?

There is 3 reasons why a membership fails.

a. Insufficient funds at the time of the debt. Please refer to your bank statement at look at the balance of when the debit appears on your statement. If the balance is less than your debt you will see the debit leave and then put back into your account later on in your statement. This is an indication of insufficient funds. Our debtor Westpac then sends a report to us notifying us of the insufficient funds and charges Freeway Sports a failed fee, we forward this fee onto you the client. We then rebill you the following Thursday for the failed debt and the failed fee.

b. Problem with your account. If this is has happened then there is a problem with your account and your bank has notified us of this. You will need to provide new account details and fix up the failed debt and failed fee. If you do not know why this problem has occurred you will need to contact your bank to find out why they have rejected the transaction.

c. Card limit. You might have reached your card limit at your bank. Please check this with your bank.

3. I have come to cancel my membership?

Membership cancelation is very straight forward. You can process your cancelation one month prior to your minimum term end date, this is called your earliest end date. We only process cancelation Monday to Friday. You can arrange a time with reception via phone or in person to process your cancelation. Once you have signed the cancelation forms there is 1 month processing time. This means your membership will end at your minimum term end date. If you have passed your minimum term and on a month by month membership as per the terms and conditions of your signed membership form your membership is a month by month membership and you are providing the 1 month to end your membership. You can still use the gym facilities during this time.

4. What are my options to cancel during the minimum term of my signed membership contract?

a: Transfer of membership: A Freeway membership, while within minimum term or term, may, at Freeway discretion, be transferred to a non-member for a fee of $65.00. Transfer are subject to special criteria in addition to Freeway normal membership guidelines. The terms of the membership agreement and the Club that the membership is associated with remain unchanged. The transfer fee is not part of your gym membership fees, this is an extra service that requires a fee to process.

b: Permanent Sickness or Physical Incapacity: Freeway requires a written cancellation request advising the nature of the illness or physical incapacity, outlined specifically how this prevents you from utilising any of the services or facilities that Freeway is able to provide. Freeway also requires a medical certificate stating that you cannot utilise any fitness services or facilities because of your permanent illness or physical incapacity. The facilities will need to be listed on the medical certificate: pool, sauna, spa, cardio equipment, strength equipment, upper and lower body exercises and stretches, all style of classes and including gentle and or no impact exercises. Freeway may agree once confirmed/approved to cancel the membership upon payment of a cancellation fee of $250. The reason why the medical certificate must be in detail is for the doctor to know what facilities we provide. There is no way for the doctor to know of the facilities we have within the club.

c: Change of residing address: Freeway requires a letter from a Real Estate Agent stating that the client is now residing at new address. The new address must be 30 km’s or more from the location of club, reference google maps. Freeway may agree once confirmed/approved to cancel the membership upon payment of a cancellation fee of $250.

5. I have moved interstate and I have passed my minimum term. How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel a direct debit membership and you are no longer in the state due to moving and have passed your minimum term please complete the members enquire form (this page) requesting a cancelation due to moving. A team member will be in touch via email within 5 business days. They will require a signed statement from you stating your intention to cancel your direct debit membership and a copy of your drivers license. This can be emailed when replying to our team. Once documents are received a staff member will reply confirming that we have received your email and that you have provided your 1 month notice to cancel your membership as per the terms and conditions of your membership contract.

6. Can I suspend for longer than 4 weeks?

During your membership contracted minimum term you can suspend your membership for a maximum of 4 weeks. You can suspend for longer but a flight itinerary or medical certificate is required showing the duration of the suspension period. If you do not have one of these documents then you can only suspend for a maximum of 4 weeks. Multiple suspension during your minimum term are accepted but a flight itinerary or medical certificate is required. If you have passed your minimum term of your signed membership contract and are on a month by month membership you can suspend as many times and for however long you like without any documentation. The suspension fee is $10 for the duration of the suspension. The suspension fee is not part of your gym membership fees, this is an extra service that requires a fee to process.

7. I joined the gym and my first debit doesn’t seem correct?

When you join the gym on a direct debit membership your first debit will include your Joining fee, direct debit set up, pro rata and your next 2 weeks of your membership. What is the direct debit set up fee? This is a fee to set you up on the direct debit system. All direct debit membership clients are charged this and comes out on your first debit. What is pro rata? Pro rata is your membership fee from the date of joining to your first debit. This can fall within the fortnightly payment. Direct debit memberships are always paid in advance of the membership this means if you were debited then that direct debit is for the next 2 weeks of your membership.

8. What is the cooling off period of my membership?

As per consumer law all memberships have a cooling off period. Freeway Sports cooling off period is 24 hours from the date the signed membership contract. The cooling period is not from the start date of the membership contract. If a client wishes to use the cooling off period and cancel their membership contract it must be within the 24hrs of the contract signed and must signed cancelation forms at reception. There is a cooling of surcharge of $99. This fee covers the cost to the club that has transpired during joining. This fee must be paid at the signing of the cancelation form at reception.

9. My afterhours isn’t working?

There are 3 reasons why this can occur.

a. You have not signed up for afterhours. This is easy to do and doesn’t cost you anything. Please see reception with you driver’s license and your account details. The process takes about 5 mins.

b. You have a problem with your account. You will need to see reception.

c. You have breach by letting in someone who didn’t scan their own card or is not a member. If you have done this there is an afterhours casual fee that is charged to your account of $100. You can pay for this at reception or it will be debited from your account as per your signed contract.

All clients must scan their own membership card to gain entry to the club. You must not let anybody into the club on your way in or way out. The rules apply to everybody to protect the safety of all clients.

10. What happen to my membership during COVID suspension?

All memberships were suspended during the lock downs as per the ACCC. This means no debits were withdrawn from a clients account. All direct debit memberships minimum terms were suspended as well as all paid in full memberships. As of the 9th of November all membership COVID suspensions were lifted and made current. All clients with a current and active email was notified on the 6th of July 2020 and 9th November 2020 via email advising them what has taken with their memberships. All membership contracts terms and conditions are in effect. Please have a read of the copy of your membership form for more details. For the direct debit clients that were debited on the 2nd of July 2020 have paid for their membership 2 weeks till the 18th of November 2020, making the next debit 19th of November 2020. For those who didn't due to suspension etc. your debit will reflect this on the 19th November.

11. Is there any COVID restrictions are in place for the gym?

Yes there are still restrictions in place. Please abide by these rules to ensure the safety of all clients. As restrictions ease throughout Victoria they will also do so within the gym. We hope to back in full action within the next 2 weeks. As long as everybody does the right thing and we keep case numbers down. At present the VIC Government is allowing 10 clients in one room with a maximum of 20 clients per venue. We have multiple venues within our building. Masks are required while training unless you are out of breath. Please abide by all signs and rules for each venue and room. Yes we are still joining clients. If you would like to join a friend or family member or rejoin you can see reception during staff hours or complete the following form or go to our website.

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